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About KM Cyberary

Project Title: 

KM Cyberary - a gateway to Knowledge Resources


Project Owner:

Bhojaraju G

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Not-for-profit Service, Developing Country Initiative


“KM Cyberary”, Bhojaraju, Knowledge Management, Gateway, Knowledge Resources, Portal, Web Portal, Web Pages, Web Links, “KM Cyberary Wikispaces”, e-Resources

Objectives of the Project:

It is a not-for-profit service to the internet users across the world seeking information in various sectors started since 2003. This provides a gateway to information resources on the Internet.

The KM Cyberary project work started in 2003. The idea behind building KM Cyberary was to makes it a single point of access to all information resources. It is a collection of information links which connect to different web resources – a gateway to all knowledge resources – a Cyberary of categorised and personalized content. It is very much the idea of a personalized filter into the Web.

The main objective of the KM Cyberary project was to provide a unique platform for all types of users to reach their information. This is an accumulation of e-resources, which give links to various useful e-resources viz. Knowledge Management, Librarianship, Philosophy, Health, Technology, ITES/BPO/KPO/RPO, ITIL, Call Centres, Business Information and other subjects. It is hoped that this gateway may be of some help for users who are in search of information.

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At present the project is maintained on free web server and using HTML and updating on regular basis. Willing to go for dynamic with advanced features in the second phase.

Features of this project are :

  • Used as a useful platform for all Internet Users
  • helps users in Search & easy Navigation
  • a unique platform on all subjects.
  • See also” references used wherever it is needed.


Article on this Project is published as :

Published as a Chapter in Encyclopaedia



Bhojaraju G (2006a). KM Cyberary - a gateway to Knowledge Resources.  In Encyclopaedia of Portal Technology and Applications Tatnall, Arthur (Ed). (pp. 1-5). USA: Idea Group Reference


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Referring to the comments given by various users across the world and the suggestion given by them has made “KM Cyberary” a successful gateway. Please refer the same at

I hope this gateway may be of some help for your information searching. If possible try to add in your websites and also ask your colleagues/friends to make use of this "KM Cyberary". Please don’t forget to put your feedback on the same under Guest Book of My site.


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